About Steve Swales

On the tractor

As a dairy farmers’ son, I have gathered a wealth of practical experience over a lifelong vocation within the industry.

I began milking cows at 8 getting up before school to go and help my Dad on the family farm in Bradford, this instilled within me, a work ethic that drives me with a desire to keep learning and moving forward. Always searching for ways to improve and achieve the very best in everything.

PrizeDuring my time at home, our herd of pedigree Jersey cattle was very successful on the show circuit, culminating in the championship of the Great Yorkshire Show. This was a crowning achievement in a long line of success.

My professional career highlights include assisting with the inception and forming the Blodwell Jersey herd in Oswestry, Shropshire. With all of the hard work in improving the genetics of the herd came improved production and higher average milk yield than expected, this led to the herd being  RABDF NMR Gold Cup finalists two years running, and runner up in 2003.

I then worked for a premium ice cream manufacturer, in Buckinghamshire, and assisted with the transition from one breed to another. Helping to dramatically improve herd health and fertility , thus facilitating again increased milk production and constituents of consistently high quality.

In the fieldI then embarked upon a change of career direction , building on a practical and professional knowledge of working nutritional formulation. I put to work my 30 years of practical dairying experience as a ruminant feed sales and dairy specialist for a major animal feed compounder. I was then head-hunted by a smaller independent nutrition consultancy. During my time at this company, I secured a number of key accounts and assisted with research and development of a pioneering forage analysis and feed programme. My range of herds that I looked after was wide, from 100 to 800 cows.